Friday, October 2, 2009

My escape from a uterus . . .

was on this day several decades ago. It was the mid-70's and not just in temperature in the hospital, but throughout the world.

It hasn't been the same since.

As I take this time to reflect and ponder - I find that I'm most grateful or hungry. . . both are important but hunger will win out in the end. Because being grateful isn't as great as a delicious pizza.


DangGina said...

Happy #40. Or something...(Doesn't matter; you're close enough, right? heh heh...)

SparkleFarkle said...

Do I smell cake?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Find solace in knowing I will always be older than you.

Many happy returns,

nsiyer said...

Bob, you won't change. Never change because I like you and your post because you are you. Happy Birthday.

Pearl said...

Happy Birthday, EB, ya ol' dog ya.


Let me know your age, and I'll wait up for ya. We'll be the same age yet.