Monday, October 19, 2009

Blue Monday

So is everyone able to listen to the show? When I went to playback there was a huge amount of static and it was darn near unhearable. Any trouble with anyone else?

So it's Monday - Blue Monday - but that doesn't mean that it's all bad. In fact in Idaho Falls, Mr. Alice Cooper is playing and performing. How cool it would be to be having a Halloween based party today capped off with an evening with Mr. Welcome to my Nightmare.

Next week is the final week of True Ghost Stories on EBL - so be sure to call-in and share yours. I thank everyone who has done so, so far.

That's about it. I'm spent. . . .


Rocksee said...

I got it.. first one I have heard in a long while and it was fantastic.. little bit of static in the end but not not terrible.

The show has really come along way!

tattytiara said...

Alice Copper still tours? Ah bless his grizzled little heart, the man just ain't got no quit.

Pearl said...

I havwe to admit I don't often get to listen to the show. Too hard to do at work, and my at-home computer is just so slow!