Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Workplace Encouragement

The workplace is a wonderment. You are able to fraternize with others whom you otherewise would never spend any time with - but you're getting paid for it - so why the hell not? Bunch of prostitutes.

Well - I recently rejoined the workplace - for a moment as my business licks its wounds from an ailing economy and general apathy of folks taking personal responsibilty.

So I go into the restroom to shirk my new duties - and get paid to do it; hey this workplace isn't so bad. . . I get ready to drop the kids off at the pool and look up only to get some unwanted encouragement.

There's a motivational poster situated right across the porcelain throne - DETERMINATION

I'm feeling pretty damn determined if I go into a bathroom - shed my pants and sit down.

I'm not a 3 year-old needing to be coaxed or given prompts for using the toilet. But then again . . .

But EB - what's it say beneath Determination?

Ok . . . Fine.

Finesse will determine the outcome of life's most treacherous paths.

Just get some fiber in your diet - or head over to the EBL site and just JUICE IT!!

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aworgill said...

I have really missed your blog. The radio show is fun when I can participate, but I miss getting it in blog form. Welcome back! And good luck with the clock-punching gig.