Sunday, September 20, 2009

Episode 12

Hey Folks!! Episode 12 is coming up and it's going to be HUGE and HISTORIC!!!

We'll be doing the show live and taking calls - so be sure to tune in and call, it'll make it more fun all the way around. Taped segments will include our Heroic Tale of the Weak and an EXCLUSIVE Interview with Katie Rice Animator and Artist.

I first became aware of Katie's work through her drawing on Ren & Stimpy. She's gone on to other things most notably her own work which is funny cute at appropriately enough:

Since you are on here before the show you get a sneak peek: The HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT is that EBL has Merchandise!!!

Yes you can own a bit of Eskimo Bob of your very own. Check out the first of the items HERE. There will be more additions down the road - but we are very excited about this, and other announcements will be forth coming as EBL takes over the Cyberspace!!!

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