Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Plagiaristic Tendencies

"You aren't anyone until someone steals your words."
- Bob

I've been plagiarized!! How awesome is that? I guess I'd be more upset about it if I didn't realize that the English language has been in use for the past couple hundred years - so someone somewhere must've already said something I've said.

So even in my wildest attempt to come up with something new and inventive it would've all happened before. I know that in 1925 there was some guy hammerin' away in his little apartment or maybe out in a farm field who came up with the lyrics to 'Ghostbusters' s/he had just the good notion that "This sucks - I'm not gonna put my name on this!" . . . until nearly 60 years later Ray Parker Jr. decided: "Now's the time - and I'm gonna call Ghostbusters!"

So just a couple of weeks ago I posted a written blog - and on the same day; someone plagiarized me. Here is a link to the original post: Written Word.

Here is the plagiarized post: Written Couch.

My only wish would be that it didn't suck so badly. . . I mean - it's horrible and great at the same time. Well - off I go. Be sure to listen live on Sunday @ 4 PM Alaska time, 8 PM Eastern and every time between!! It's the HISTORIC 2nd Month Celebratory Bash of EBL!!


DangGina said...

Wow. You were totally plagiarized, but badly, it's true. (I read the plagiarizer and came off totally confused. At least the original came off sounding...intelligible.)

The original is always better...

@eloh said...

I've been having trouble getting you page up. It used to just happen on blogs in Africa...now, just you. I have no idea what it means.

The guy had your name up...I couldn't get to your original page, I gave up after several trys.

I think you should be proud. I got Oriential Porn in my comments...my daughter says it means "I have arrived" cause they usually don't bother with the little sites like mine.

nsiyer said...

Nothing is original, Bob. WE most of the times reinvent the wheel.