Thursday, August 27, 2009

Historic 8th Episode

So it's been awhile - CHECK OUT THE HISTORIC 8TH EPISODE - it'll blow your mind!

Sorry for yelling.
8 Episode, that means 2 months on the air.

We're taking calls throughout the show - so be sure to call in and be a part of the fun. Episode 9 is all about health so be sure to tune in and learn something cool.

Also THE most controversial skit will be aired. . . I don't think there will ever be anything more disturbing than what is presented this weekend. You will also get a peek into what goes on behind the scenes in developing the show - it should be a lot of fun.


darsden said...

Congratulations Bob!

nsiyer said...

WoW Bob, its amazing. you are reaching great heights.

Dont see you in my blog nowadays. Atleast post putting your witty comments.