Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eskimo Bob Lives Episode 9

So Episode 9 is in the bag. I appreciate folks who have listened live - it's growing each week the number of folks who take time out of their schedule to spend some time with me and my psyche developed from my twisted youth.

Several things have happened in the last two weeks that have really allowed me to take stock and evaluate what this little project has become. . . I'm not going to be breaking anything, but certain things have been put in motion that seem to be cause of some giddiness. All I will have to say for the time being is a huge appreciation to everyone who supports the show by listening to it - and if for the next two - three weeks if you could share the show with one or two new people that would be great.

I haven't been able to follow-up as much as I would like on the blogspot, which is really too bad because it is because of the blogspot that landed me the radio gig. I realized that the blogspot will only enhance the show - but I'm still a working man and can't be slave to too many masters.

Please enjoy the premiere episode of the beginning of the third month of EBL radio - it has a lot of positive information that will lead you on a path of enlightenment and bliss and will end with your soul seeking purification, a dichotomy rich with the inner turmoil that is . . . Eskimo Bob.

Eskimo Bob Lives Episode 9

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@eloh said...

I haven't been able to load your page in forever. Have you forsaken your blog?

Keep on climbin' Bob.

Steven M. Adami said...

Get those shirts out!

nsiyer said...

This one is not opening. Let me try.