Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Humpty Hump Day

Gather around one and all it is time for stories from the Gray Water.

"EB - what's Gray Water? Is it the mystical body of water that Eskimos hold sacred where they encounter visions and insights into achieving oneness with the spirit of nature?"

"No. It was the waste water that was dumped under the houses before septic tanks were put in. Not - the poopy, golden water, just gray water. May I continue? Thank you."

Let me just get the traditional storytelling knife. . . and let's moisten this dirt so I may make cool illustrations to go along with the story . . . (haucking a loogie - spit).

So there was this great leader named 'Duke'. He led a great army of mercenaries and special operatives to combat a secret menacing society and army. . .

"EB - if it were secret how did 'Duke' know about them?"

[Glances - bites lip then continues] . . . that was focused on world annihilation.'

"EB - if they were focused on world annihilation were they aware that they no longer would inhabit the Earth as well? I mean - it doesn't make sense for a Secret Evil Society to not have some semblance of self-preservation."

[Exhales. . . ] 'Duke' often called upon his trusted assassin and covert operative 'Snake-Eyes' who was trained in the art of Ninja. . .

"EB - is this about G.I. Joe? How is this relevant to Eskimo storytelling and why did you need the traditional storytelling knife to tell this story? Why do you call yourself Eskimo when you clearly don't know anything or follow any of the traditions of the Eskimo?"


Rocksee said...

I'm totally confused by this post. Maybe it's because it's 4 am.

DangGina said...

Is this the kind of conversation you have with yourself regularly? Do you actually interrupt yourself during THINKING? I could totally see it.

Just sayin'.

@eloh said...

Excuse me? That's what we say here in the South...translation:WTF?

Eskimo Bob said...

Thank you ladies. . . you just proved my point.

aworgill said...

Awesome. I don't really remember the story of G.I. Joe, but I'm sure we'll get a refresher course from Dennis Quaid on August 7. I can actually get excited about this a lot more than I could for Transformers.