Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday - Armpit of the Week

Want to know what's sad? 28.3% of all traffic for my site is brought because people in Europe Google "Sophie's Armpit" and are directed to EBL.

I'm sure with this second edition of her picture up here my Blog Traffic will increase a quarter.

So to my European Visitors this is for you. Especially you Belorussians.

I don't understand why it is the Europeans are so keen on body hair. Why is it that in the America's *South included (Hey Brazilians where are you?) do we have such an aversion to the body hair?

I have my own personal tastes regarding the matter - which I'm sure none of you really care about; but on the whole the American society prefers the hairless.

Which is odd - because the evil bad guys (who are European) always have hairless pussy cats. Maybe that's just Dr. Evil. It's hard though to find anything in movies more creepy than a completely hairless pussy cat. When I was in MN I often took pictures of shaved pussy cats. I'm gonna have to find those and post them. There's this one pussy cat that is shaved and looks completely like a lion or Sphinx. Also there were a lot of dead cat pictures.

So - I just finished watching 'The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien'. Several of you inquired what I thought of Monsieur Conan. I will love that Irish Bastard till my dying day. We began our journey together. As I was beginning my life at College in 1993 - Conan was beginning his life on the late-night circuit. That humor along with MST3K really helped me through those first 7 months of College. Conan did seem a little overwhelmed last week - but he handled it fine.

No one has inquired yet about the 'Baby Raping' that I mentioned last week. Either there is no interest in it - which is disturbing; or there is unspoken interest in it - which is even more disturbing . . .

That tale will be told at another time.

Today is Tuesday. The Armpit of the Week - Monday regurgitated. You still have about a week's worth of work - except the lucky few who now have three-day weekends. Are those like Three Dogs Night? Please elaborate:


DangGina said...

"Also there were a lot of dead cat pictures." WHY does this make me laugh?

Also, I have no response to the "Three Dogs Night"/3 day weekend thing. Let's just say 3 day weekends are blissful and if I ever have to go back to working a 5-day workweek, things will get ugly...

Brent said...

funny the things you remember from your mish. you will always associate dead cats with Minnesota, and I will always have a vivid picture of a mangy, all-male dog orgy. it's like the ugly dogs started a community not unlike a leper colony, and they all realized they weren't going to get very far with all the bitches (pun intended), so they all became blatantly homosexual.

Pearl said...

I prefer hairy. It's just too much work to keep up the pre-pubescent pretext.

All Hail Alliteration!

Also, Dead Cats = Minnesota? Your thought processes fascinate me, Bob. :-)


SparkleFarkle said...

I'm thinking your blog is definitely a "pit stop."

Rocksee said...

That picture sort of makes me wanna throw up in my mouth a little.

@eloh said...

Armpit hair ... no.

Stacey said...

Never a dull moment with you Bob. My husband loves MST3K. He has a MST3K night once a month with all his buddies. I must also lay my vote with the hairless armpit on women. But it could be my upbringing. Oh and it was not a typo. My 8 year old is 47 lbs and my 6 year old is 35 lbs. We get our growth later in our family (at least we are hoping).

aworgill said...

I was hoping you'd throw a pic up of Amber's Amazon Woman pits. Or is that Alaskan Tundra Woman?

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