Friday, June 5, 2009

Disgruntled Optimist


So I was going about my normal routine this morning - and saw that I had received some new insights - which was peculiar because they were for older (though recent posts) including the newest Rock'n Roll Friday. Some human being decided to leave some controversial comments. Rather than just delete them and ignore them (like my psychologist recommended) I'm posting them for all to see.

"But EB - that's just giving the human being the spotlight that they crave."

That may be true. But the human being posted it under anonymity - and is more than likely some 15 yr. old who is out of school and has nothing else to do. Either way this human being is participating in some cockroach behavior. And how do you get rid of cockroaches? NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION - possible but it may not be as effective. You simply shine a light on them and they scatter. So without further ado - here is the human being:

You suck! You are the biggest wannabe in the history of wannabe's. Not only is your blog a waste of brain matter - it's a waste of space and time.

Learn to write you dumbass!

Who do you think you are? This is the stupidest and biggest piece of shit this side of the colon. If you were really an Eskimo then I'd hope that your tribe would put you on an iceberg to DIE!!

You're a racist piece of shit! Someone should put a noose around your neck and let you dangle and see what it's like!

Again learn to write - what a waste - you think you are so damn funny, well you're just a FUCKING no talent hack who stares at little boys.

How DARE you put a picture of the LORD and SAVIOR on there and then pretend that you are in HIS Likeness! I'm 100% Sure that if our dear LORD and Savior were down here He'd kick your fucking ass!

I hope that you die!

I can't believe that you got some woman to actually marry you - she must be retarded.

I don't hate anyone - except for YOU!

I'm sure the Jews would gladly take their chances with Hitler if given the choice between that and reading your piece of shit blog.

If all Eskimo's are like you -then I hate them too! I'd hope to bear your seed only so that I could kill little baby Eskimos. You should find a soul you soul-less bastard.

How DARE you associate yourself with Alice Cooper! YOU SUCK!! You're a no talent hack who has to rely on other people to even stand a chance!
Why don't you do the world a favor and just DIE!!!
So - when I first read these I thought that it was one of my buddies leaving a joke - but then they got more mean spirited and not so funny. I called up some of the 'Usual Suspects'

- Hey do you have a new screen handle?

- No; I tried to leave a comment earlier but I had some issues so I gave up.

- I said nothing of leaving a comment. (Duhn duhn DUHHNNN)

- Huh?

- Oh nothing; have you been to the blog today? [No.] Oh - someone left some comments and they started off funny enough but then it became quite mean spirited.

- Oh no. I haven't been by today yet. But I'll go check it out.

Listen to 'The Rebuttal' Below
Featuring the song: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades by Green Day


Rocksee said...


Sounds like you are right.. just some kid who happened to find you somehow. It is pretty crappy though. I wish people just wouldn't say anything at all if they are going to do things like that.


As far as UAF housing. I'm gonna be broke enough I may be living in the homeless shelter! Cardboard box.. tent.. whatever I can find!


I love your blog Bob! What a juvenile little rodent.

aworgill said...

Well said. We, your tribe, are behind you. This was a hate crime, pure and simple. And Obscure Hole is just an unhappy little ferret with a small penis.

Brent said...

if the internet is drugs, that little bastard must've got some bad mushrooms.

Come on, bad tripper. Grow up.

@eloh said...

You have to wonder why someone would even bother. If you don't like something, just jump on over to another page...

I think it is some bitch from the DMV that can't get any....

I think she's after you Bob!!!

Anna said...

That's one of the only drawbacks of being live in the big anonymous world of the intertubes. You will encounter crazies.

Eskimo Bob said...

Rocksee - Who knew that Mom did have the best advice of "If you have nothin' nice to say - don't say nothin' at all.

Aaron - Thanks for being behind me; just remember I'm the Pitcher and you're the Catcher.

Brent - I didn't think that the person may be high; if so then I'm even more impressed with what s/he came up with.

elohssanatahw - Well said and thanks?!? I hope I attract other types of women than just embittered that haven't gotten any in a decade. . . ;)

Anna-gram - As long as our padded walls are all the same color I'm okay with it.

nsiyer said...

You go on Bob. Its easy to sriticize, difficult to post what you feel'

DangGina said...

Some people are just morons. I had no idea that he went on, post after post. Stupid little prick. I went private because of some nasty comments left...because I am a coward.

A Cuban In London said...

Oh, dear. I hope it's just spam and that it will not have major consequences.

Wish you luck.

Greetings from London.

Deedee said...

I think you are pretty cool, Bob. Don't let the mindless idiots and haters get you down. Rock on!