Saturday, May 9, 2009


So I was tagged and given a major award. I don't know what the award is - but it's a MEME, perhaps it's all about me and given to those who have a healthy amount of narcissism. There are apparently rules to this award - so in order to make it legitimate here they are -

The Premio MEME Blog AwardRules:

A. List 7 personality traits about yourself.

B. Tag/award 7 blogs that deserve such fine recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world.

A-1: There isn't much I remember from my first year of college - for the first ten months - I really only remember three-to-four of them clearly. I've tried to wipe most of it from my memory with lots and lots of therapy. However - I do remember from Psych 101 that there are typically 5 personality traits: OCEAN

Openness: I think that had to do whether or not you were emotionally available for stimuli. Like the Arts or Creativeness. I think I have a healthy dose of that.

Conscientiousness : I remember that being more anal retentive. Not very spontaneous. . . I don't think I have much of that.

E . .. .. . : I can't remember what that one was.

Agreeableness: Compassionate. I think that's the hard to say "No" complex. . . I have a hearty dose of that. . . don't ask the boys about that though.

Neurotic. . . Throwing a conniption fit. If I don't have enough caffeine in the system I get quite irritable.

I'm being very conscientious now - because I can't let go the fact that I don't remember what 'E' is . . . extrovert? energetic? I don't remember. I'm leaning toward extrovert - because it seems like a psych 101 answer. . . but I like to be around folks, but also like to have my alone time.

B2: How about the first seven people to visit the site after I post this? We have the Feedjit counter so we will know where in the world you will be - I'm guessing the Sri Lanka dude/ette won't participate. So we'll narrow it down to the first seven of the regular folks who visit and actually read or listen to the posts.


Steven M. Adami said...

I bet tern your trying to think of is "Eskimo".

darsden said...

LOL and I wasn't here you don't see me!

elohssanatahw said...

Due to some time/space warp/whatever, I seem to be the one who gets to your "fresh" blogs first. I don't have a full grasp of a Feedjit, but it's my guess it's some sort of electronic snitch.

1. I don't "get" things more and more. A month ago when I got on this blog world, I thought "meme" was British slang for a ladies "time of the month". I finally looked it up, but my first definition won't shake out of my head.

2. I have stolen Bob's ideas. I have self perserving tendancies, so I tell myself I'm not stealing I'm being "Thought Stimulated". I'm not being ugly, it's destiny.

3. I have "suffered" from PTSD. I refused the VA treatment and $ to retain my asshole tendencies with pride.

4. I have carried a gun or two on me most of my life.

5. I have worn ball gowns and eaten Russian caviar in European Castles and the next day lay in rags in a street in the rain. It was the best job I ever had.

6. I'm not doing this right, am I. I am a dumb ass more often than not.

7. I have buggered up Bob's blog, yet again and for this I am truely sorry. I apologized a lot and mean it. Books say it is because I am the child of a violent alcoholic. I much preferr to think of my self as a lovable asshole.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...I would be in the 7 wouldn't I?


I'll do it.

That was very tricky of you Bob....

Very tricky!


nsiyer said...

Amazing! you hae a way to state the unsaid.

aworgill said...

I'm here, although I don't quite get the point.