Monday, May 4, 2009

EBL Phone-In


darsden said...

what is the intro music to the all hail bob intro?

Good Oldie! death of the weekend Baahaha

that number was xxx xxx xxxx joke!

Muffin Car...heard of a muffin diver but not car..hummm

Hey I want to hear Rick talk!

do you make these just to check your feedjit feed?

awe iggy and pearly...WTF

Is that Gov. Palin? LOL

Swinger - rotflmao

perssimon bread delicious we have a tree :-))

I did laugh Bob, good one..enjoyed you spent a lot of time and I spent a lot of time LOL yes I narrated it the entire time

Steven M. Adami said...

You need your own show. Best post yet.

DangGina said...

"the cooking persimmon"? Hmm...curious.

taht was highly entertaining, bob. yes, indeed.

aworgill said...

I love me some chunky peanut butter. We never buy it, because the boys won't eat it, but I might have to pick one up anyway.

Okay, that'll be five pounds of halibut on your next trip to Utah.