Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue Monday


darsden said...

wow, 170 post..sorry I missed the big 100th..what was it off..I might have been there..I can't remember with all the rambling on you do..LOL

oldie but a goodie blue monday :-))

LOL ad sense added...LOL good luck with those ;-)

health insurance is a joke the prices they charge only to write off to others. (hint YOU aren't suppose to use your insurance just suppose to know it's there by making payments.

Ooooh Velvet voice herself Karen Carpenter..TOO bad you frigging talked over her..then cut her off Chit!! damn bob that was the best part LOL...

So with that ... you are cut off I am outta here...12.56 dang man.. can't you go back to snippets..

Eskimo Bob said...

Dars - I hear ya. Like I said though; kind of a creative funk going on, so now it's aimless ramblings.

@eloh said...

Bob, Bob, Look buddy, you are NOT a good liar. That's okay, I find that an endearing quality in folks.

Next time a bean sandwich escapes during your audio taping, it's okay, smell-o sound has not yet been released to the public by the government. The "C"eye"A" is still having all the fun.

Send call in info. I have a perplexing historical question. OR, I can just e-mail, I'll do that.

Steven M. Adami said...

I look forward to a post about the in-laws coming to visit.

darsden said...

EB man I was just pickin on you I had to go had an appointment but seriously you are funny regardless if you think you are stuck! But don't EVER cut off Karen Capenter again you hear me! Dude your followers are just mutiplying left and right! So you ARE doing a lot right eh - Congratulations :-))

DangGina said...

Maybe it's just the crappy IF connection, but "Blue Monday" ain't working for me. Bummer...I'll have to check back.

DangGina said...

go with "Sunday Sermon" for sure!

SCARY to have a missing wallet! You rent movies daily, huh? :)

"The squaw's cousin?" That's me! OBLITERATE is the wrong word...I'll obliterate you yet! Jerk...(I heart scrabble:)