Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And the Winner Is . . .

So I had an independent judge of the contest - he, Chris J., chose yesterday before the post that the 4th comment would win.

As you can see - we only have three.

I laugh only because I'm willing myself not to cry.

First off - Aaron, Darsden, and Steve all hit home-runs.

Gina - as you were the first to post on the Church post other than D&S, you would've won -if you had just posted something for a caption . . . such is life.

Well - I'm off. We'll see you guys later.

Remember to smile broadly, drink all of your milk, and tip your waitress.

1 comment:

DangGina said...

BLAST! I meant to think about it and come back and dazzle you with my wit! But then...nothing clever came to mind. I think I do better with the one where we take turns telling a story...

DANG, I should've just put the first thing that came to my mind, to ensure the win.

I suck.