Thursday, April 9, 2009

8 Years - A Retrospective . . .

There was a Spring Blizzard this day eight years ago. The temperatures dropped - the wind picked up - and the snow was being tossed like a potato salad.

It was a fitful night for sure until 7:10 AM. That's when Caleb emerged and joined us on dry land.

Life hasn't been the same since then.

It was appropriate that he was born while Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' was playing in the background - as he has been a source of immense joy and happiness. When he was born he was 7 pounds and 12 ounces and 20 inches long. Little did we know how big he would become.
It was only a short time that I was able to have naps with Caleb nestled on my chest - or able to stuff him in my coat pocket when we went outside. OK - I didn't nap with him on my chest.

As he grew - he grew tall and fast. By the time he was two - he was the size of a four year old. It would be a little embarrassing when he would be going about his normal two year old activities - and other parents would look at us like: "Is your kid retarded?"

"No - he's just two."

"He's two? He's freakin' huge!"

Then we'd get praises on how good of a sports man he would be whether it be baseball, football, etc etc etc.

More years passed - he grew and developed. He has my sense of humor and temperament. He has Amber's ability to rationalize things internally. He somehow got the 1/4 bit of German he has into his eyes and hair color - while getting the thick Eskimo coarseness. Wild.

Today he is eight. I haven' had luck keeping pets or plants around very long - I hope I don't mess it up - so far so good. Sorta.


darsden said...

Congratulations on your eight year anniversary with your son. Happy Birthday to Caleb!

DangGina said...

Happy #8 to Caleb! -I remember getting him all riled up at Karin's house one night before bed...was he 2 or 3 then? What fun! Aaaand...I haven't seen the kid sense, I don't think...

Anonymous said...

What a cute boy!

And good job with the Superman outfit! He needs to plan on being a super hero! I wonder what special powers he has?


aworgill said...

Happy birthday Caleb, from your strange second cousin. Or whatever the hell I am to the kid. When is he being baptized? In July, when the lake thaws?