Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Phone In

As I got home about an hour and a half ago - I looked to the past to see what I should write about. The last few Wednesday's have just been quick posts where you would listen to a song. I think that's a nice little break in the week - after all, we all need a bit of soundtracks of our lives going on.

However - I just didn't feel right phoning it in today.

Perhaps I've reached a new level of apathy or laziness - that I could bring myself to phone it in again.

So today - there are no fillers. No cutesy pictures to distract you. It's just you and me. Sitting across from each other having a one-sided conversation. Or perhaps you will reciprocate with an occasional nod - or "mm-hmm". Now - most of you who read this - we haven't met. This could get awkward - especially when it comes to the five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact starting . . . . . . . . NOW!

Where are you going?
Oh well - my profession is all about rejection. But enough about that - I write the blog really for myself to get away from all the naysayers. I let out my quirky humor - because as I get older I'm starting to take things too darn serious.

I think it's a pendulum kinda swing. When you're young and dumb - nothing is taken very seriously - then adulthood kicks in and you think: "Okay, I should take some things seriously." Then you have kids - responsibilities - Management to deal with - and also some tragedies. Pretty soon you wake up - look yourself in the mirror and say: Wow, when did I turn 50? Oh not for another 17 years - OK good.

But then the pendulum swings again - and you realize that for real happiness you don't have to take yourself so seriously - though you may have some serious responsibilities to deal with; and that you just need to find all the little joys out of life.

I say this because this past week my mom has been visiting. I spoke earlier of what a warrior she really is and what were some of the battles she had to wage. Last night we were talking - and I was frustrated about this or that - and she gave me a little pep talk.

She's on the pendulum back swing - where she relishes that the boys come in with snotty noses and trampling snow and muck into the house. Where she relishes the need to always have the laundry going. To make breakfast for someone else other than yourself.

Ok - that's enough of psychological nudity. It's getting chilly.


DangGina said...

Really? YOU're starting to take yourself too darn serious? I can't believe that. I refuse.

I liked the post though.

willow said...

You're really lucky to have a mom you can sit down and have a meaningful conversation with!