Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What's so great about this picture? It certainly isn't the kid.


I mean just look at the slouch and the way he wears his hat. I mean. . . oh - well maybe that's . . . ok so the kid is great no matter who he belongs to.

No - that big bright thing just over the tree-line. Yeah, that's it. The Sun.

Oh, and the time? 7:20 PM.

Yup - Summer's a comin'.


DangGina said...

I'm smiling about the sunshine too. (I'll NOT rub it in that we've got a lot more of it than you do, ok?)

Eskimo Bob said...

Idaho Falls 3/18/09
Sunrise: 7:33 AM
Sunset: 7:40 PM
12 hours 7 minutes

Wasilla 3/18/09
Sunrise: 8:01 AM
Sunset: 8:11 PM
12 hours 10 minutes

willow said...

And is that part of a car I see, buried in the snow?

We got a nice spring rain last night and the grass is beginning to green.

Amber said...


And today had a gain of 5 minutes 51 seconds over yesterday.