Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Monday

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. I know mine was a nice one. My squaw made it home safely Friday and we even got a surprise visit from my mother. She doesn't make her way into "White Man" territory very often -so we're treating this as a very special thing (Milking her for all she's worth. Aaron - don't you even think it!!!).

The weekend ended up being quite hectic and busy. I'm already so far behind in my blog - I usually put something together Sunday night, which is really supposed to be the 'best' blog of the week since I actually put some time into it. However it was a non-stop day. I guess it is because I actually went to services this week, and well - that takes three hours, then home for lunch, then the nap, then spending time with the kids, then dinner - then usually it's blogtime. But instead of that we went to be social.

When I mean being social - it usually means I am trying to mooch something off of somebody.

In this case - I mooched a car.

I look back on my mooching days and reflect on the evolution of the mooch. I remember being a kid and having it start off simple - like oh this kid has an Atari. I'll be his friend so I can play.

Then it moved onto music - and then inevitably food. It was food that was the standard bearer for many years. High school, college, newly wed years, then it got to become having people help out with certain items at the house. "We need new french doors put in - would you mind helping out?" Thanks - for the help. Here let me order pizza. Oh man - where's the checkbook; do you mind? Thanks.

Well - that leads to this weekend. As you know we recently lost use of one of our cars. So - one of my oldest friends in the world is actually letting us use his car. I went over, spent about 15 minutes shooting the bull - then expertly gotten the car keys from him. Next stop for mooching? I'm thinking Alaska State Senator - then President of the United States. Watch out Aaron - I will not be forgetting anytime soon - all Gina needs to do is give the word and the Operation is a GO.


willow said...

Hmm...looks like you are reviewing the situation over here.

Amber said...

It's all true.

I'm not emotionally equipped to handle Operation Mooch-It just yet, Gina. Please let me recover another week or so. I start physical therapy tomorrow and will need all my mental fortitude to get through that.

The car is a sweet ride, though.

Marti said...

All I can say is that I'm not a moocher!

people, give and I receive, I give and they receive.