Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Traumatic Tuesdays

I'm happy to report that I haven't inadvertently killed anyone this past week*. Folks had suggested that I focus my unconscious ability of offing folks that may seem to be deserving of it. I have one thing to say: You guys are sick. Not that you think that people should die - but the fact that it should be glib statements that off a child rapist. You've proven worthy, welcome to the fold.

Even though no one died, there was another display of my precognitive ability this past week. I had again mentioned something glibly. The fortifying truth though, was that my squaw had brought it to my attention. See - I had completely forgotten about my mention of said event, but the squaw was quite impressed and asked me to focus her covered in diamonds (I think she secretly wishes she were a "vampire" or at least a Twilight-variety caricature of a vampire).

I can't recall at the time of posting - what the actual event was, but my squaw will remind me later of what it was - then I'll post it. Possibly.

I was getting ready to just delete this entire post - but then I thought about a conversation I had with my friend. We were discussing the writing process, and how I just free associate, or rather just write whatever pops into my brain at the moment. As I take this blog entirely too seriously - I am an artiest, and an artiest does not bend nor stop the creative process. What is is. I can not change that - so sometimes the blog will just end up being a flaming pile. Perhaps it's just the creative side taking a cleanser. Who knows.

Others may read this and say: "EB why do you satirize everything and make fun of blogging? Blogging is a serious therapeutic release to many, and a source of joy and contentment for others. I think it is your own insecurities getting in the way. You really should just tow the line."

Yes. Both sides are correct. This little area of the blogging realm is merely just a detour, or even more so a speck of sand along the Cyberspace highway. So if nothing else - today for me was a nice little getaway from the phones and the angry clients, the talking heads on the news, and the responsibilities of life. Ahh sweet Metamucil - cleanse baby, cleanse.

Oh FYI - the Metamucil pic; I did spare you some other quite sightly images. If you have the stomach for it, Google colon cleanser and click images.

*To my knowledge. Eskimo Bob denies allegations and responsibility unless it has financial gain.

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