Monday, February 16, 2009

No charge for Awesomeness

Have you ever had a naive moment? I like to think that I wasn't born yesterday, but once in a pale moon I just look to the stars and think: Oooh shiny. . . twinkle.

Public satire and commentary is a fine line to walk on. You take too much of a step to the left or right, and you find that you really stepped into that one. Monty Python had a good handle on that. Though it is "British" humor, I really dig it; perhaps it is because the British have had century upon century upon century to make fun of their situation that they are so good at it.

I've also wondered what makes British humor, "British" humor. I guess Canadian and British humor are similar - I think it is a mix of the "American" and "British" humor combined. After all they are influenced heavily by both countries. However, I haven't heard of "French" humor - but Canada is heavily influenced by them too.

Do the people of India have "British" humor? Or do the natives have "Indian" humor? What about the Virgin Islanders? What type of humor do they have?

Moving on. It's Monday. Did most of you folks catch that? Usually when folks take a holiday on a Monday, they know intellectually that it's Monday, but come Tuesday - they're thinking it's Monday. Quite the time warp. I thought today, I'd make a killing on setting appointments, as most folks would have the day off today. Apparently they took it to heart. As I wasn't able to get anyone on the phone today. Oh well - tomorrow is Tuesday, the armpit of the week.


nsiyer said...

Indians have a great sense of humour and I do nt know from where it came from.If at all the natives have left this to the Indians, I am happy because they atleast left something.
Enjoy your posts since they seem to be different and not the ordinary.

willow said...

Heh-heh, and what would you call your particular brand of humor, Bob?

Eskimo Bob said...

Nsiyer - Thanks for the insight. Most Indians I've met are funny. Except for Prabu, but he was born in the States. And about your insight on my posts. Thanks - I know words of magnitude are difficult to come up with, but keep I will keep pressing forward until every cent has been repaid.

Willow - uhh . . . I don't know how to say this, so I just will. A journalist never imparts their own commentary, bias or humor into their pieces. If you want comedy, go to Fox News or CNN, I run a repectable outfit here.