Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday - Armpit of the week.

Today's not so much of writer's block, but rather a very busy day. Tuesday really is a horrible day of the week. I think more so than Monday. You can mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the upcoming Monday, but Tuesday follows next and says: Nope your butt is still mine.

Additionally - Tuesday is the official ruiner of long weekends. A three day weekend would be - when a holiday lands on, take your pick of Friday, Sat, Sun or Monday and blammo, three day weekend. Party. And then - you can even have a four day weekend by tacking it on a Friday or Monday. Tuesday though is there saying - nope, you have to come in.

So - I don't have much else to say; but I'm phoning it in again. So enjoy this random blog:

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Illustration Friday- Climbing

Mountain goats are expert climbers.

Since I'm going to be leaving again tomorrow for my second/final trip this winter, I'll wait and put up the travel illustrations when I get back next week. I really hate to wait, because one of the drawings is of me climbing the hundreds of stairs there are in Paris. Would have been perfect for this week! Oh well, so much to do and so little time. So this quick illustration with have to do. I'll be in Washington for a few days to see another friend. I don't think there will be any mountain goats where I'm going but there will be plenty of mountains!


willow said...

Safe travels. Looking forward to hearing about the trip!

EskimoBob said...

Oops - I better make it more clear, that the blog is not mine, but Karen's.

darsden said...

Read! I really am under the impression you Really hate Tuesday, I didn't have a problem with Tuesday till I started stalking...I mean following you Bob, Thanks ;-)