Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mmmm - Weight Loss

Boy - what an exciting day eh?

After months of the electoral process it has finally culminated with the swearing in of our new president.

I just love the free passes already given to our President. True - President Bush often would have his tongue tied, and often sounded like he was still coming off of a long college party weekend and would often coin phrases and words just because he could.

As President Obama was taking his oath, he made a faux pas, as he jumped the gun in repeating his oath. Then the Chief Justice decided to paraphrase the Oath of the Presidency, and he and Obama were able to finally stumble through the Oath together.

As everyone was fairly quick to call President Bush a dummy for wanting ObGyns to share their love with women; the pundits here were quick to say: Everyone's entitled to some mistakes, when reporting on Obama's stumble. Brian Williams even went so far as saying that perhaps Obama purposefully made the faux pas to bring some light-heartedness to the ceremony. Give me a break.

So to tap off the excitment of the day - we capped off the evening by watching "The Biggest Loser" on NBC. At the Eskimo Bob igloo, we like to really get into the programming. So the squaw made sure to buy new running shoes, and get in a quick trot before the show started. Additionally to celebrate the lifestyle changes that the folks are making to improve their health and well being, we ordered a "Family" Size Cowboy pizza and Cinammon Wheel with Cream Cheese Frosting. To quote the Crash Test Dummies: Mmm mmm mmm.

It was especially satisying to see the "temptation" that the contestants had, was to choose to or not to eat food left out. The team that ate the most calories would be "rewarded" with going home for a few days to their families, and bring their trainer along for the ride. The "Temptation" let us know that a slice of pepperoni pizza has 315 or so calories per slice. Our oldest - who is seven and learning addition in the hundreds quickly thought in his head and said: Dad, you're going to have 900 calories of pizza. You could win, and get a trainer!

Well son, this slice is for you. Munch.

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darsden said...


to the previous post..I too thank President Bush..for keeping us safe after 911 and for his service.
Yes, Obama has an empty check book cuz he just keeps writing them checks. (again your kids will be paying for this forever!)

He didn't take the second oath on a Bible either!

He has yet to provide a birth certificate for the United States..