Saturday, January 3, 2009

Congrats for being a faithful follower

2009: The last chance of the hard to say decade.

I think I broke my own record for breaking a resolution. I have had many doosies. For example: Stop listening to Michael Bolton, two solid weeks. Stop dressing like Michael Bolton, two solid days. Stop addressing myself as Michael Bolton, two hours.

This year I was prepared. Or so I thought. I listened to, and took notes from Tony Robbins. You know, the self-help guru. I figured with his help, I'd be able to stick to my new year paradigm shifts and actions. I followed the advice of making resolutions simple and attainable. I also included positive goal setting like: I will smile more often. My resolutions were set, and I. was. ready. to. make. 2009. The. Best. Year. EVER.

First resolution: I will no longer watch 'R' rated movies; second, I will no longer have caffeinated drinks . . . well at 12:05 AM I popped into my new Blu-Ray player the original 'Matrix'. Yup, it's rated 'R'. I thought for sure it was 'PG-13'.

Oh well - this year I had contingencies. I had Tony's help. I planned my work and was ready to work my plan. At 12:07 AM I popped open my Ruby Red Squirt, as I finished it at 12:07:58, I happened to see the ingredient list; yup Caffeine.

At least I have one more resolution, in which I have total control over; Stop swearing. Here we are three days in and I haven't said one da. . . Ahhhh! I betcha you thought I was gonna slip up. Well - I have total control over that bitches!! (What's that?) [Yes, I'm aware of what I'm saying.] {I didn't say a swear word, I was teasing with the 'D' word. . . oh .. . .fuhh cryin' out loud!}

Have a great 2009.


darsden said...

Read Michael Bolton hippie you!
Really Micheal Bolton... but you have hair! Michael to ponder that one... Glad to see you crack like I do under pressure.. I don't even try resolutions anymore.

darsden said...

Hey first to comment bitches!!

Eskimo Bob said...

Simply Amazing - I have to ponder and meditate on the Michael Bolton thing. I don't get it.