Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can't Standja!

So if you've frequented the blog - you have a pretty good handle on my psyche. At least a better handle than most. Who am I kidding - this is a blog from cyberspace and I could have just utilized the services of a ghostwriter.

I guess when it comes down to the blog there are those who start it, nurture it, and allow it to flourish into something beautiful. Then there's me. I stress most of the day trying to decide what to post next on my blog. It becomes all encompassing.

During meetings I find myself doodling: Eskimo Bob blogs - (insert fleeting ideas). My squaw calls on the phone: instantly her voice turns to the Charlie Brown teacher as I begin thinking what I will post down. I give myself hives, as I pre-write the blog, making tree diagrams of the preface, introduction, body, and end. The children ask for help on their homework - as I turn towards them in full wrath. "I'm in my writing mode! An artist needs quiet!!"

I post the blog - I reread it. I call my squaw over, ask her to read it out loud. Then I quiz her incessantly until I finally hear how accomplished of a writer I am. I post the blog - then I check back every fifteen minutes to find out what new insight were left. After all - this blog is international baby! Big TIME! Little Eskimo boy, not doing too shabby.

Hmmm - no insight.

(Get up - get a Mt. Dew. Put on Battlestar Galactica. Commercial break. Recheck new insights.)


Ohh folks have visited. Perhaps they are diagramming their insights, have to respect the writing process.

(Get back up - get another Mt. Dew, mix it with Fruity Pebbles, change out B.G. for 24. Commercial break. Recheck new insights.)


Seven new folks visit. Maybe they're just in awe. Yeah - that's it. . . (Hyperventilation begins).

I suck at writing. I'll just copy and paste from some random site. What a world. What a world.

6 New Insights including secret password.

I rock.


nsiyer said...

Brilliant.It makes two now. You and me.But I think it is the initial euphoria.I love posting and become an avid writer. I have also become more observant and camera has become my appendage.
I enjoyed your way of writing and the humour. I will keep visiting your blog.

willow said...

You rock. There's no question. And the George picture is priceless.

Pearl said...

What?! New blog?! Can you do that?

EskimoBob said...

Nsiyer - I'm glad to see that India still has a strong tie to culture and all things beautiful.

Willow - I'd be willing to barter the George picture for some pebbles that have been through a rock tumbler, and a Yoo-Hoo.

Pearl - Glad you found it. My mother still hasn't and I won't speak to her until she's caught herself up with the latest.

Andrew said...

The giant face at the top scares me.

Bill Stankus said...

Yoo Hoo and Mountain Dew - that's some bladder you've got.

Want insight? OK, here's some insight, don't pee into the wind.

Dude, you got what it is so, write on!

darsden said...

Read! No you don't suck at writing you just get a lil long winded!