Monday, December 29, 2008

Perfect Words for that indescribable moment


Dear Followers,

I hope that this post finds you well. I recently read a post from a new follower. I'll be linking to it, as I think most of you will find it quite enjoyable. First off - a few disclaimers: the writer claims to be female, "she" lives in Minnesota, and apparently shaves cat ass.

Noting the first disclaimer: as previously posted and verified by subsequent insights and discussions, females lack the ability to be creative. In fact, yesterday I taught a lesson at church from a talk given from one of our leaders telling women that they indeed to be more creative, as trying to do so brings about fits of rage and disharmony. Well - that's what I got out of it, you can see for yourself what it's about [HERE].

Secondly, I have vast amounts of experience with Minnesotans. There seems to be a large contingent that have moved up to Alaska from Minnesota, though the stories and reasons for leaving Minnesota vary, they all seem to revolve around getting away from the Hmongs. If you don't know about Hmongs, you'll just have to Google that one. Anywho - Minnesotans are quite the eclectic bunch. In fact they are still trying to figure out how to vote, as they haven't been able to pick between a comedian and a life-long politician for their Senator.

Thirdly, cat-ass shavings. I'm not quite sure how to broach this subject. Dingle-berries are involved, and possibly anesthesia. You can explore the blog if you so wish.

So, moving on, in the most recent post the topic is on the ever changing American-English language. Please read about it [HERE]. The post triggered a spin-off of the ever popular, Perfect Phrases for that Inopportune Moment with Perfect Words for that Indescribable Moment. So here we are: The object is to either come-up with, or share a perfect word for that special moment. Best of luck - there will be a winner declared, with a special gift from me.

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