Thursday, October 9, 2008

Strange Meanderings

Day One:

Look, my Friends; when I decided to make this journey, this Vision Quest, I did not fully comprehend all of the mysteries in this Cyber Space. It became abundantly clear, that you too, as my fellow-travelers may become lost. So today we are going to take care of some house-keeping issues. First off, Welcome. You are always welcome here (especially on Tuesday's try the Fried Hash, very good), my friends, look. At the top of the site page you will see a tool bar of sorts. I'll get to that later, when I want to.

Below the tool bar of sorts, you will see the Title Area - Welcome to My World - Hope it Affects You as much as it has affected myself. . . or something like that. It's a title, and probably will not be changing very often.

  • To the Left of that - Your Right - Is a Green Box; in that green box are various pieces of information about myself, and the current situation in the marketplace, because some people worry about that kind of stuff.
  • Below that is the Follower section, now several of you have already visited the blog but not added yourself to this - if you would so kindly add yourself to the follower section, it's a safety procedure. Be smart, add yourself or die.
  • Below the follower section is the Blog Archives. . . I'm hoping that they will stay safe there for posterity, and look forward to putting them on Ebay in the near future.
  • Below that is something near and dear to me; keeping an eye on the population of Denmark. I think you will find it fascinating as well. Check it daily.
  • Below that is a list of blogs I follow, in which gets me back to the Tool Bar of sorts.
  • Before I get back to the Tool Bar of Sorts, below the Green Box, is a Blue Box. In that you will find the Quotation of the Day. Check daily.
  • Below the Blue Box, is an elongated Blue Box, that has headline news. Don't know why I have that on there, just thought maybe you'd like an escape from this fun place to the scary, bad news real world...
Back to the Tool Bar of Sorts, and onto one of the very most interesting things I have found on my journey to date. You will find a search bar, next to that is Search Blog, Next to that is Flag Blog - which I think is really just for decoration. Finally, the most interesting thing there. . Next Blog. That is where I found my neighbor in cyberspace. Stephanie G. I have no idea who you are, but I'm following your blog, it happens to be about Health. I feel as though I got lucky. It could have been some foreign porn king or other smut launderer. I imagine my good friend Steve has such a neighbor. Check it out. And Welcome to My World.

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Lori Ann said...

The population of Denmark is teetering a little too close to 6 million for my liking.