Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life of the Party

My friends, look - tonight is the third and final debate between Barack Hussein Obama and John Sidney McCain. I imagine we will hear this more than anything else: My Friends, and Look. We can make a drinking game out of this: if hard liquor is your preference you are welcome to that, but be prepared to call in sick for work tomorrow.

Speaking of games, my friend Steve and I came up with an idea a few years ago that is still in the mill. It is a board game titled "Life of the Party". It is a game of quick wits, creative thinking, and a load of laughs. One game which is fun is the Alphabet Game. A group of folks, with a minimum of two (2) enact a given scene in which each sentence must begin with the subsequent letter of the alphabet, beginning with a random letter. The performers must go through the entire alphabet once. Typically done within a 90 second time period.

For example - Topic of conversation: Did you watch the Debates last night? Random Letter: F

Player 1: Fuh Cryin Out Loud - Obama can't answer a question directly to save his life.
Player 2: Going for McCain eh?
Player 1: How could you guess?
Player 2: I have abilities.
Player 1: Justice League type of abilities?
Player 2: Klingon specifically.
Player 1: . . . .

Player 1 loses, and a third player can jump in or start a new game.

So let's play a game - Topic: A Rebellious Elephant Ate a Biomechanic at the Beach. Random Letter: J

Bob: Just when Scott thought he was safe. . . WHAM! he was eaten by an elephant.

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DangGina said...

Killer elephants aren't so non-existent as one might think...